Cleaning Your Home To Minimize Covid-19 Infection

The most asked question of 2020 was “How to clean your home to reduce the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection”

What strange times we are living in. Who would have thought as recently as last summer that in March and April onwards; we would be confined to our homes on a government-sanctioned lockdown? The thought would have been absurd and laughable at best. – However, here we are!

Why a deep clean?

Keeping your home clean is very important, not just to minimize dirt, bacteria, and germs, but to create an overall feeling of well-being.

A deep clean on the other hand is where room-by-room everything is thoroughly cleaned, every surface is wiped down with a household disinfectant and detergent.

How does a virus spread in your home

Disinfecting surfaces for protection against viruses

As humans, we touch our faces between 16 – 23 times per hour, and if the predictive movie ‘Contagion’ is correct (it was about everything else) then the average person touches their face between 2000 – 3000 times a day. Whatever the figure is, we touch our faces a lot. The problem here is that we are constantly touching surfaces, and this is one of many reasons how disease and viruses spread; we touch a surface and inadvertently our face.

There are 2 ways to clean deep clean your home – you can get in touch with us at Top Down Cleaning – we have a professional antiviral cleaning service that sanitises and disinfects all areas of your home, or, you can do this yourself.

We recommend the following steps when cleaning:

  • Wear disposable gloves, a mask, and an apron. (don’t forget to bag and dispose of after 72 hours according to the Government Health dept. If you suspect there is Coronavirus in your property)
  • Start upstairs in your home or property.
  • Starting with 1 room at a time, move everything into the hallway and vacuum the room.
  • Use a good household cleaner – and with a disposable cloth clean everything with warm soapy water.
  • Using a disinfectant, spray and sanitize all surface areas in the room; door handles, phones, window handles, fasteners, headboards, chairs, light switches, etc (The government recommends using a combined detergent disinfectant).
  • One by one start moving items back into the room; clean them and wipe them down as you go.

Remember, to wash your hands immediately after cleaning.

Be smart and use social distancing as a rule for not having visitors over until this pandemic has run its course and the government ease restrictions.

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